In 1999, MBC Medical Bio Care took over the distribution of Plasmalite, one of the very first IPL devices.

At this point in time, the possibility of permanent hair removal in Germany is almost too unknown.

In 1999, MBC Medical Bio Care was the first company in Germany to specialize in the exclusive sale of devices for permanent hair removal. We were convinced of the future prospects of this method and especially of Plasmalite with its unique fluorescence technology.

Over the years, MBC has steadily expanded and expanded its position as one of the leading companies in the successful treatment of aesthetic problem areas due to its innovative technologies and extensive treatment options.

From the very beginning, i.e. for over 20 years, Medical Bio Care has had its own institute line, Perfect Skin. Here, all MBC devices are extensively tested for their effectiveness and technical reliability before they are sold.

After the devices have been introduced, individual studies are carried out and empirical values are recorded. In this way, we ensure our own constantly growing specialist knowledge about the optimal implementation of treatments. In this way, treatment concepts are constantly being redeveloped and optimized.

Through the experience from our own institutes and the evaluation of the experiences and questions from MBC customers, we have accumulated an enormous amount of theoretical and, above all, practical expertise. Our customers benefit enormously from this. 

"A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time." (Henry Ford)

We offer you professional posters, flyers, business cards, successful websites, DVDs of our television reports, commercials, advertisements and press articles, in other words the complete “all-round carefree" package.

PR Work

In order to complete the service for our customers, we go public. Within a very short time, permanent hair removal with Plasmalite, acne treatments with NLite laser and cellulite treatment with iLipo fat-away laser are made known by Medical Bio Care.

Whether RTL, SAT 1, Pro Sieben, ARD or N-TV, they all report on the successful treatment results with our devices.

All of our MBC customers benefit from these successful TV reports.


Lucrative financing options through our partner banks are at your disposal. Quick and easy! Business start-ups also have a chance.

Fast service and good style are a matter of course for us!