Field of application couperose treatment / rosacea - an overview

Couperose, rosacea and spider veins

Rosacea and couperose treatments are now much more effective and easier to carry out. Many people suffer from the aesthetic skin problem couperose and rosacea and are tired of concealing the external signs. In addition, the affected skin is often sensitive and hypersensitive to external environmental influences. They are looking for couperose treatments that successfully remove and reduce the fine, dilated veins that shimmer conspicuously through the skin.

Telangiectasias (couperosis) are small, visible, blood-filled, dilated capillaries lying superficially under the skin's surface. These are dilated veins that have lost the ability to contract again. They shimmer clearly visible through the skin, recognizable as individual veins or simply as reddening. Couperose usually occurs above the middle of the body (facial areas, décolleté) and is mostly supplied by arterial blood. The main causes of couperose are genetic predispositions, connective tissue weakness, pregnancy, hormones, increasing age and exposure to the sun. Couperose occurs in men and women alike and is mainly due to a weakness in the connective tissue.

Couperose and spider veins can be distinguished both in terms of expression and origin.

Spider veins
Spider veins usually have a clear linear progression without large branches. They arise below the middle of the body, reinforced on the legs. Spider veins are fed by venous blood. Spider veins can also be an indication of a venous outflow disorder in the deep veins of the legs.

The inflammatory disease progresses chronically and in phases. It begins with patchy, diffuse redness on the face, especially in the so-called butterfly area, which extends noticeably from the nose to the sides of the cheeks and up and down to the forehead and chin. The inflammatory redness is usually accompanied by fine scaling and so-called telangiectasia. Telangiectasias are small, permanently dilated superficial blood vessels.

Flare-ups with pustules, papules (nodules) and cushion-like swellings due to fluid retention (oedema) follow later. In contrast to acne, comedones (blackheads) are missing in rosacea.

With HYPERPULSE and HYPERPULSE BST you can successfully and safely carry out a rosacea and couperose treatment, as this system can deliver a sufficiently high energy density with the necessary short pulse duration safely into the target structure.

Geräte für Couperose Behandlung

Rosacea and couperose treatment

Treatment of telangiectasias / couperose:
The special light treatment with hyperpulse can be used to heat the disturbing vessels in a targeted manner and thus destroy them. In addition, blood sponges (haemangiomas) or smaller spider nevi can also be treated successfully. The advantage of treatment with Hyperpulse is that the capillaries are targeted and the connective tissue is strengthened at the same time. Thus, the cause of the couperose is treated at the same time and the treatment result lasts longer than with other methods.

Immediately after the treatment, the visible, dilated veins have either disappeared directly or they take on a greyish discoloration. This indicates the successful course of treatment and the obliteration of the small blood particles. These are then filtered out by the lymphatic system. The degradation process usually takes 1-2 weeks. During this time, the treated areas must be protected from intense sunlight.

Despite the excellent effectiveness, the treatment is safe. The surrounding skin is not overly stressed and the treatment is usually very well tolerated. Anesthesia is not necessary. After the treatment, the skin may be temporarily red or slightly swollen. However, this normalizes after a short time and patients can quickly resume their usual activities.

Treatments of Rosacea
Treatment therapy for a mild to moderate form of Rosacea with Hyperpulse is very successful. The wavelength of the light is selected in such a way that the red structures of the dilated veins absorb the energy. The upper layers of skin and surrounding tissue are spared. The capillaries are sclerosed as in couperose, at the same time anti-inflammatory processes are triggered. The visible veins disappear and the irritated skin condition calms down quickly and visibly.

Devices for rosacea and couperose treatment

Each device for medical and cosmetic aesthetic couperose treatment naturally has its advantages and disadvantages. To make the right decision to buy a professional and efficient device technology for excellent reduction rosacea / couperose treatment in To meet face, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Sustainable effectiveness and security through the latest security technology
  • High effect, quickly visible, long-lasting effects of the couperose treatment and results with optimal success and improvements
  • Numerous areas of application and treatment options
  • Different, individually adjustable intensity levels and precise energy delivery
  • Fast application, short treatment times
  • As painless and safe couperose treatment as possible without anesthesia
  • Comfort for the user and the economic efficiency of the device
  • Renowned manufacturer
  • Reliable technology and warranty tested over many years
  • Operating instructions and professional competent training
  • How fast and competent is the service in the event of a device problem?
  • Which company not only supports you before the purchase, but is also at your side afterwards.

And above all:
is your device innovative and technically up to date?

Can you offer your patients a unique couperose treatment and thus differentiate yourself from the existing range of treatments in your region?

The HYPERPULSE and HYPERPULSE BST devices offered by MBC Medical Bio Care meet all of these criteria 100%. When you buy an MBC device, you are opting for a high-performance device with the latest technology. This ensures successful use in your practice and with your demanding patients for aesthetic treatments on the face and body and nothing stands in the way of your personal business success.

Our devices for rosacea and couperose treatment

Multifunctional platform

Application: couperose/rosacea/haemangiomas, pigment treatment, skin tightening (face, cleavage, hands),
Rejuvenation, anti-aging, inflammatory acne,

Permanent hair removal

Multifunctional platform

Application: couperose/rosacea/haemangioma, pigment treatment, skin tightening, rejuvenation,
inflammatory acne,
Permanent hair removal

BST: Body Skin Tightening
additional function for skin tightening on the body

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Experience from our own institutes

Right from the start, that is, for over 20 years Medical Bio Care via the institute's own Perfect Skin line. Here all MBC devices are extensively tested for their effectiveness and technical reliability before they are sold. After the devices have been introduced, individual studies are carried out and empirical values ​​are logged.

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