Field of application permanent hair removal device - an overview

Permanent hair removal devices: from professionals for professionals

In 1999, when the application and devices for permanent hair removal were still almost unknown, MBC was the first company in Germany to recognize the future prospects of using hair removal systems that work with light pulses to permanently remove unwanted hair ( permanent hair removal device). In the same year, MBC introduced the Plasmalite pulsed light device, the first IPL permanent hair removalDevice (IPL = pulsed light) into the German market.

The light and laser technology for this method has continued to develop over the last few decades and today we are experiencing an enormous selection of models and technologies for the device-based application of permanent hair removal. While hair removal methods were initially associated with an enormous amount of time and pain, modern devices depilate with shorter application times and reduced pain. There are various laser technologies and IPL hair removal devices to choose from. The emission of the light pulses with the corresponding attachment takes place stationary in the pulse for pulse stamp method or in motion (SHR).

Dauerhafte Haarentfernung Gerät
The solution to unwanted hair: HYPERPULSE

Professional hair removal devices: Spoiled for choice.
What should you consider when making a purchase?

Every technology for medical and cosmetic use has advantages and disadvantages. In order for your planned investment in a professional and efficient hair removal device to be long-term and successful for your business, the following Criteria important if you want to buy the right device for you:

  • Lasting effectiveness and safety thanks to the latest safety technology, which allows effective and selective treatment of the hair roots of visible hair with high power of light pulses
  • Numerous application areas on all parts of the body and body areas, such as face, legs, back, bikini zone, genital area
  • Different individual intensity levels of the light pulses
  • Safe treatment for all skin types and tanned skin
  • Fast application, short treatment times
  • Treatment that is as painless and safe as possible
  • Comfort for the user
  • Economic efficiency of the device – how long does a handpiece last?
  • Reliable service 24/7, even after the purchase
  • Quick and easy solutions in case of a device problem
  • Renowned manufacturer
  • Reliable technology tested over many years
  • Operating instructions and professional, competent training

And above all: Is your device innovative and technically up to date? Can you offer your customers a unique treatment and thus differentiate and stand out from the existing range of treatments in your region?

The HYPERPULSE and HYPERPULSE BST devices offered by MBC Medical Bio Care meet all of these criteria 100%. When you buy a HYPERPULSE, you are opting for a high-performance device with the latest technology. This ensures successful use by your customers and nothing stands in the way of your personal business success.

Permanent hair removal devices: HYPERPULSE and HYPERPULSE BST.
High performance, precision and speed.

Dauerhafte Haarentfernung Gerät HYPERPULSE BST
Dauerhafte Haarentfernung Gerät HYPERPULSE

HYPERPULSE and HYPERPULSE BST are devices of the latest generation and the latest and best development in the field of permanent hair removal. The advantages of the IPL, SHR and laser methods are combined here. The desire for velvety soft and smooth skin without annoying and unpleasant stubble is achieved here quickly, comfortably and precisely.

The particularly correct and safe HYPERPULSE technology allows you to eliminate and remove hair in a faster application time than ever. The treatment of a man's back only takes about 5 minutes, legs only about 10-15 minutes. This saves valuable time - for you and your customers. At the same time, you can guarantee an above-average effective treatment that you can carry out almost painlessly. The successful and safe treatment is possible for all skin types 1-6 and even for tanned skin. HYPERPULSE is seen as the evolution of IPL and SHR technology. The energy is given in terms of intensity and speed as with a laser.

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How does HYPERPULSE and HYPERPULSE BST work in contrast to the classic IPL / SHR / Laser method?

The special treatment light from HYPERPULSE and HYPERPULSE BST is absorbed by the melanin of the hair and converted into heat energy. As a result, the area of the hair roots can be reached in a very targeted and precise manner.

All available devices and technologies, such as diode lasers, IPL, SHR, INOS, just like HYPERPULSE™, aim to heat the hair roots gently and in a targeted manner. Instead of single pulses, the HYPERPULSE™ method emits five light pulses per second. The handpiece only glides once over the treatment area. The temperature in the hair follicles increases to the clinically required value in order to irreparably damage the hair germ cells. The surrounding tissue or the top layer of skin is not overly stressed, so that the risk of undesirable side effects can be almost completely ruled out.

Previously common IPL or laser procedures (single pulse), in which the surface is stamped with light pulses, or the SHR method, in which the handpiece has to be moved back and forth over the treatment surface repeatedly and tiringly for a long time, thanks to HYPERPULSE™ are now a thing of the past of the past.

In contrast to hair removal with light pulses using a laser, in which only one or a maximum of three individual wavelengths from the red light spectrum are used, Hyperpulse uses the entire red spectrum for successful and safe treatment.

Each wavelength has a physically defined penetration depth in the skin. If, as with a laser, only one or three individual wavelengths are used, the penetration depth is limited to this. HYPERPULSE uses the entire red light spectrum from 590 - 950nm. This means that different depths are reached energetically.

This is a big advantage of HYPERPULSE compared to laser, since not all hair roots are at exactly the same depth.
HYPERPULSE uses the entire red light range, which high-energy light pulses reach all hair roots at different depths, so the treatment is extremely effective and effective. The application is extremely safe and gentle, since only the melanin of the hair is heated.

"I thought to myself that when it starts again, everyone will want to come back at the same time, so it makes a lot of sense if I start with a machine that works twice or three times as fast as my previous machine. For comparison: I used to need an hour for a pair of women's legs, with HYPERPULSE I can do it in 20 minutes."

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How many treatments are required with the HYPERPULSE and HYPERPULSE BST permanent hair removal devices?

Almost painless treatment with HYPERPULSE and HYPERPULSE BST

Depending on the treatment zone, type and intensity of the hair, between 6 and 10 treatments are usually required at intervals of 6 - 8 weeks. The reason for this number of treatment sessions is the hair growth cycle. At any given time, only about 15-20% of the visible hair is in the active growth phase and is therefore connected to the hair root. With this hair, the heat generated is conducted to the hair roots and the germ cells located there.

The remaining hair is in the transition or resting phase. These hairs do not have a direct connection to the hair root, so the heat cannot get there and these hairs cannot be successfully treated at this point. This circumstance affects all devices and technologies that work with light pulses (IPL, SHR, laser). A successful and complete removal of all visible hair from a body area is therefore impossible to achieve with just 1-2 treatments

Will permanent hair removal (epilation) by the NiSV be subject to doctor approval in the future?

The NiSV, which has been in force since 2021, regulates which treatments can only be carried out by doctors (doctors’ reservation) and which applications can also be carried out by beauticians.

The use of permanent hair removal  is not under the doctor's reservation, so that permanent hair removal can also be offered and carried out by beauticians. By the end of 2022, a corresponding certificate of professional qualification must be available.

Treatments for skin tightening, anti-aging, rejuvenation and the improvement of impure skin may also be used by beauty therapists. These indications are additional areas of application for Hyperpulse

Why MBC Medical Bio Care?

Since it was founded in 1999, MBC Medical Bio Care GmbH has specialized in the sale of innovative aesthetic systems. Right from the start, our customers achieve excellent and lasting results in combination with professional high-tech beauty equipment and aesthetic expertise.

Experience from our own institutes

Right from the start, so for over 20 years, Medical Bio Care has its own institute line Perfect Skin. Here, all MBC devices are extensively tested for their effectiveness and technical reliability before they are sold. After the devices have been introduced, individual studies are carried out and empirical values are recorded.

In this way, we ensure our own constantly growing expertise in the optimal implementation of treatments. Through the experience from our own institutes and the evaluation of the experiences and questions of MBC customers, we have accumulated an enormous amount of theoretical, but above all practical expertise. Our customers benefit enormously from this.

We have been convincing you of our products and our service quality since 1999

Our highly competent,in-house service usually solves technical problems within 48h. You can reach us at any time and receive help and a solution quickly, professionally and easily. We can thus rule out long downtimes for your device.

Our technologies for permanent hair removal

Permanent hair removal,
couperose/rosacea/haemangioma, pigment treatment, skin tightening (face, décolleté, hands),
Rejuvenation, anti-aging,
inflammatory acne,

Permanent hair removal,
couperose/rosacea/haemangioma, pigment treatment, skin tightening on the face and body,
Rejuvenation, Anti-Aging,
inflammatory acne,

Powerful and portable diode laser for almost painless treatments in the single pulse method or in the SHR movement mode up to 12Hz.