Field of application of pigment treatment - an overview

Pigment treatment -
Factors for pigment disorders

Pigment disorders are caused by countless factors such as the sun, genetics, hormonal fluctuations and skin injuries or diseases. Of all the factors, the sun causes the most damage. 

Many people suffer from superficially visible pigment disorders that are difficult to conceal. You want to have them successfully and safely treated and removed.

Pigmentbehandlung Geräte

Pigment treatment -
What types of pigment disorders are there?

Freckles (ephelides):
The hereditary, pinhead to lens-sized, brown spots appear more frequently in spring and summer on the face or upper body. They are mostly genetic. The pigment-forming cells in freckles produce more melanin than those in the surrounding skin. Freckles usually appear in early youth, with young, blond and sandy-haired people being particularly affected. In winter, freckles fade or disappear.

Age spots, sun spots:
Sun spots or age spots (Lentigo solaris or senilis) are brownish, lens-shaped spots on the back of the hands, on the forearms and on the face. They mainly appear on skin areas that are frequently exposed to the sun. People over the age of 40 are more often affected by sun spots and age spots. Age spots are completely harmless and show no tendency to become malignant even after years. As a result of years of exposure to the sun, there is an increase in pigment cells, the so-called melanocytes. This also increases the formation of pigments in the epidermis, which appear as brownish spots on the skin. In addition, the elasticity of the skin loses over the years and the melanins that are regularly arranged in the skin begin to accumulate. Increased degradation of the collagen fibers is responsible for the decreasing elasticity.

Melasma (Chloasma):
Brownish pigmentation occurs here on the forehead, temples and cheeks in women. They are irregularly shaped and can flow together to form larger surfaces. The pigmentation increases in the sun. Causes can be hormonal factors (e.g. pregnancy, cosmetics, St. John's wort or medication. Lengthy treatments, since deeper skin layers are affected. A high level of sun protection is also important here.

Liver spots, birthmarks:
These are the colloquial terms for benign growths of pigment-forming cells in the skin and correspond roughly to the technical term pigment nevus. Since certain types of moles carry the risk of developing a malignant type of cancer, it is important to have the exact type of each pigmented skin growth regularly monitored by a dermatologist.

Equipment for pigment treatment:
What should you consider when buying one?

The high-performance device technologies from MBC Medical Bio Care are among the best and newest technologies on the market to remove disruptive pigmentation from your patients. In addition to the high effectiveness of our user-friendly systems, the applications are characterized by an only low risk of side effects without long regeneration times and almost painless treatments.

Each device for medical and cosmetic aesthetic treatment naturally has advantages and disadvantages. In order to make the right decision to purchase a professional and efficient device technology for excellent reduction of superficial pigmentation, you should consider the following criteria.

  • Sustainable effectiveness and security through the latest security technology
  • High effect, quickly visible, long-lasting effects and results with optimal treatment success and improvements
  • Numerous areas of application and treatment options
  • Different, individually adjustable intensity levels and precise energy delivery
  • Fast application, short treatment times
  • As painless and safe treatment without anesthesia as possible
  • Comfort for the user and the economic efficiency of the device
  • Renowned manufacturer
  • Reliable technology tested over many years and warranty
  • Operating instructions and professional competent training
  • How fast and competent is the service in the event of a device problem?
  • Welche Firma unterstützt Sie nicht nur vor dem Kauf, sondern steht auch in der Zeit danach an Ihrer Seite.


And above all:
is your device innovative and technically up to date?

Can you offer your patients a unique treatment and thus differentiate yourself from the existing range of treatments in your region?

The HYPERPULSE MASTERLITE and HYPERPULSE BST devices offered by MBC Medical Bio Care meet all of these criteria 100%. When you buy an MBC device, you are opting for a high-performance device with the latest technology. This ensures successful use in your practice and with your demanding patients for aesthetic treatments on the face and body and nothing stands in the way of your personal business success.


When treating the offending pigmentation, the target areas temporarily absorb the special high-energy treatment light so that controlled heating is achieved. This heat breaks down the pigment into tiny particles that either rise to the surface of the skin as a scab or the particles are filtered out by the lymphatic system.

Pigmentbehandlung mit HYPERPULSE

After the treatment, the treated pigmentation becomes darker. This indicates the successful course of treatment. The natural degradation process usually takes 1-2 weeks. During this time, the treated areas must be protected from intense sunlight. After that, the treated pigmentation is either significantly lighter or completely gone.

In contrast to conventional methods for removing pigmentation with lasers, treatment with Hyperpulse IPL is very gentle on the skin. After the pigmentation has dissolved, the underlying skin appears normally pigmented and there are no white spots that have to be re-pigmented again.

Despite the excellent effectiveness, the treatment is safe. The surrounding skin is not unduly stressed and the treatment is usually very well tolerated and not overly painful. Anesthesia is not necessary.

Our technologies for effective pigment treatments

Multifunctional platform

Application: pigment treatment,
couperose/rosacea/haemangioma skin tightening (face, cleavage, hands),
Rejuvenation, Anti-Aging,

Permanent hair removal

Multifunctional platform

Application: Pigment treatment,Couperose/Rosacea/Haemangioma,Skin tightening, rejuvenation,
inflammatory acne,
permanent hair removal

BST: Body Skin Tightening
additional function for skin tightening on the body

Why MBC Medical Bio Care?

Since it was founded in 1999, MBC Medical Bio Care GmbH has specialized in the sale of innovative cosmetic devices. Right from the start, our customers achieve excellent and lasting results in combination with professional high-tech beauty equipment and aesthetic expertise.

Experience from our own institutes

Right from the start, that is, for over 20 years Medical Bio Care via the institute's own Perfect Skin line. Here all MBC devices are extensively tested for their effectiveness and technical reliability before they are sold. After the devices have been introduced, individual studies are carried out and empirical values are logged.

In this way, we ensure our own constantly growing expertise in the optimal implementation of treatments. Through the experiences from our own institutes and the evaluation of the experiences and questions of MBC customers we have accumulated an enormous amount of theoretical, but above all practical expertise. Our customers benefit enormously from this.

We have been convincing you of our service quality since 1999

Our highly competent, in-house service solves technical problems in usuallywithin 48h. You can reach us at any time and get help and a solution quickly, professionally and easily. We can thus rule out long downtimes for your device.
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