1999:  IPL Technology

In 1999, MBC was the first company in Germany to introduce IPL technology for permanent hair removal onto the market. This treatment option is almost unknown at this point in time. MBC Medical Bio Care was convinced of the future opportunities of this new technology and specialized in the distribution, application and further development of IPL technology.

2008:  Diamant Microdermabrasion

In 2008, MBC launched Pristine, the first device for diamond microdermabrasion on the German market.

2011:  i Lipo – Low Level Lasertherapie für Körperformung

In 2011, MBC added the then new and innovative low level laser therapy with the

i Lipo device to its sales program and presented this method in Germany. 


2012:  Alma Lasers – SHR Methode

In 2012, MBC announced the SHR method for permanent hair removal in the beauty industry in Germany

2013:  Femilift Vaginale Rejuvenation

In 2013, MBC presented the Femilift device and took the device into sales.

Femilift is the world's first fractionated CO2 laser for vaginal rejuvenation and incontinence treatments.

2015: HYPERPULSE - the latest technology for permanent hair removal

In 2015, MBC launched HYPERPULSE on the German market. HYPEPRULSE is the further development of the existing methods for permanent hair removal and combines the advantages of IPL / SHR and laser methods in one system

Since 1998: Own practical experience in Perfect Skin institutes

As the first sales company in Germany, MBC Medical Bio Care founds its own institute line Perfect Skin, in which the devices sold are used every day in the institute. This leads to an exact knowledge of the treatment options and effectiveness of the devices.