Alma Accent Elite X

Radiofrequency body sculpting

ACCENT Elite X combines three RF technologies in one device: BiPolare RF, Unipolar RF (= Unilarge®, further development of the monopolar RF) and Uniform RF (= Monopolar RF with integrated massage function).

Accent Elite X works with a frequency of 40.68MhZ. This is by far the highest frequency that is available on the market and ensures extremely fast treatment times with high effectiveness.

  • The maximum power is 200W. This ensures maximum performance.

All treatments are carried out in motion, the handpiece slides over the skin. This is pleasant for both the practitioner and the customer.

  • RF Energy

    Up to 200W

    Treatment frequency



    integrierte Kühlung



    Voltage and current

    208-240 VAC / 2,5 A / 50 Hz


    50 Kg


    44 x 63 x 75 cm

  • Every used device receives an inspection according to the manufacturer's specifications before delivery
  • A guarantee is also possible for used devices on request

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