Alma Soprano Ice

810nm diode laser for SHR- permanent hair removal

In 2006, Alma Lasers developed the so-called SHR technology and introduced this new method to the market.
Meanwhile, the original SHR process has become firmly established, with several thousand devices in over 80 countries in use worldwide!
The applications for permanent hair removal were revolutionized as a result.
Instead of single pulses with high energy, the SHR™ method uses multiple pulses with relatively low single pulse energy. The repetition rate is 3 Hertz (3Hz), i.e. 3 pulses per second. Due to the large number of impulses, an enormously high total energy is introduced per treatment area without stressing the epidermis.

In addition, the SHR ™ technology "IN-Motion" is carried out. This means that during the treatment the handpiece is guided in sliding movements over the treatment surface.
Treatments with the SHR ™ method in connection with the IN-Motion sliding technique are quick and comfortable and the patient receives a safe, effective and almost painless treatment . The well-known "pulse for pulse shot procedure" with the need to place the handpiece precisely and the associated undesirable side effects (checkerboard, time) is eliminated.
Pigmented hair of all skin types can be safely treated, even the treatment of tanned skin is possible.

  • almost painless treatment
  • also for the treatment of light and thin hair
  • Continuous use of the device possible without problems
  • Treatment is carried out IN-Motion - the treatment head slides over the skin
  • Safe treatment of all skin types and also tanned skin possible
  • fast impulse delivery (10Hz), 10 impulses per second
  • all year round, can also be used in summer
  • Safe effect of the SHR method proven in numerous studies
  • CE-Certification
  • Source of light

    LASER Diode


    810 nm

    Energy density:

    up to 20 J / cm² (SHR mode)
    up to 120 J / cm² (HR mode)

    Spot size:

    1 cm² or 2 cm², depending on the handpiece

    Pulses / sec.

    Up to 10 Hz


    powerful contact cooling (TEC)



    Pulse limitation

    none / unlimited


    12 ″ color touchscreen with user guidance

    Type of treatment

    motion technology


    53 x 57 x 120 cm


    50 kg


    100 – 230 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz


    CE-Zulassung für Hauttypen I-VI

    und gebräunte Haut

  • Every used device receives an inspection according to the manufacturer's specifications before delivery
  • A guarantee is also possible for used devices on request

Do you already know Laser, IPL & SHR?

Discover the safe and effective high-speed procedure for permanent hair removal

mit One-Glide-Technologie

The handpiece glides only once over the treatment area.
Yes, just once!

Treat a man's back like this in just 5 minutes.