NLite Laser -
pulsed dye laser

Cutting-edge technology for the uniquely effective treatment of acne with excellent results and long-term effects. Wide range of treatments: use for all vascular lesions, for smoothing wrinkles and for many other indications.

The special 585nm treatment light of the NLite laser heats and controls the fine capillary system in the dermis. Due to the extremely short energy release within only 150 microseconds, in contrast to conventional dye lasers, the finest vessels are not destroyed, but heated to their load limit within their thermal relaxation time. The absorption of yellow light in these tiny blood vessels leads to a thermal effect and inflammation in the endothelial cells of the vessel walls.

This stimulates the natural wound healing response of the tissue to a high degree without causing residual cell necrosis.

As a result of this inflammatory reaction, cytokines are released and growth factors are stimulated. This leads to the formation of collagen and in particular the high release of TGFß leads to an enormous activation of the immune system.

The enormous increase in TGFß by 1,500% (see study by Prof. Dr. Chu), causes unique treatment results for all forms of inflammatory acne.


Mechanism of action NLite V when the laser energy is released into the fine capillaries:


  1. The absorption in oxyhemoglobin leads to a warming of the capillary walls.
  2. Inflammation mediators are released; these stimulate the fibroblast cells in the extracellular skin matrix.
  3. These fibroblasts produce new collagen


  • Reduction of lines and wrinkles
  • Skin Tightening
  • Improvement of restless skin by restoring even melanization
  • Collagen stimulation for:
    - Acne scars
    - Surgical scars
    - Traumatic scars

Akne vulgaris:

  • all degrees of severity of inflammatory acne


  • Telangiectasias, hemangiomas
  • Rosacea
  • Naevus flammeus
  • Psoriasis
  • Warts

Commercially available dye lasers operate with a pulse length of at least 450 microseconds. Traditionally, pulsed dye lasers are mainly used to treat nevus flammeus, molluscs or warts. The unique SMARTPULSE150 technology from NLite V allows a number of other interesting treatment options in addition to these classic indication areas.

Supported by a large number of published clinical studies and the findings of over 500 users worldwide in the aesthetic field, the NLite Laser V SMARTPULSE150 offers the possibility of effective treatments that can be carried out quickly and easily. Without the need for skin cooling or anesthetics and with little or no adverse skin reactions, patients can resume their normal daily routine immediately after treatment. 

The low-dose, yellow treatment light (585nm) with the exclusive technology of NLITE Laser SMARTPULSE150 leads to anti-inflammatory reactions in the body and stimulates the immune system. The result is increased collagen production and the relief of skin diseases such as acne vulgaris or psoriasis. By simply switching to normal mode, all treatment options of a modern pulsed dye laser are available to the user.


pulsed dye laser with SMARTPULSE150 technology



Pulse duration:

Computerized Sculpted Impulse
350 microseconds with 150 microsecond smartpulse,
450 microseconds in vascular mode

Energy density:

up tp 9 J/cm²


flexible optische Faser mit Leitstrahl


50.0000 Impulse, überwacht durch intelligentes Computersystem


0,8mW Diodenlaser, Kategorie II, 670nm

Repetition rate:

software controlled, 2Hz for each energy setting

Spot size:

5mm / 7mm  ­


integrated water cooling, double water circuit 

Electrical connection:

220V SC, 24A, 60Hz or 230V, 20A, 50Hz


Class 4 laser product, computerized self-diagnostic system


CE 12010, FDA approval for all applications

User guidance:

Touch-screen color LCD for operator input, auto-calibration system for precise energy settings


91cm x 104cm x 60cm



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